Creating educational and employment opportunities for at-risk youth and lowering levels of crime and violence.

Entrena is a leader in the design and management of sustainable networks reaching those adolescents and youth with the highest levels of risk, turning their lives around, fostering their potential to become productive citizens and preventing them from falling in to the cycle of crime and violence. With the support of international organizations, integration of NGOs, government, and business, we have created evidenced based solutions reaching over 150,000 young people from the ages of 12 – 24 years old. Our approach integrates education, employment insertion, entrepreneurship, personal health, documentation, public policy, and private-public partnerships.

Our related projects:

DR At-Risk Youth Project (Alerta Joven)

Financed by USAID under Cooperative Agreement AID-517-A-12-00002, Alerta Joven reduces the levels of crime and violence among Dominican at-risk youth with interventions in public policy, employment insertion, education, health, and crime prevention networks. As of March 31, 2017, a total of 140,143 youth between the ages of 11 – 24 participated in Alerta Joven activities. A total of 22 partner organizations have implemented activities in 500 of the most dangerous barrio (urban slums) in the targeted Duarte Corridor geographic region. These actions have been supported by 19 private/public partnerships. Total estimated budget is $ 21,979,616. Alerta Joven has earned the recognition as an evidence-based, highly effective investment in crime and violence prevention in the DR. See more about this project at the Alerta Joven website.

Baseball Cares

Financed partially by USAID under Cooperative Agreement AID-517-A-15-00010, Baseball Cares if a Global Development Alliance (GDA) with the remainder of financing coming from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA). The primary goal is to channel the power and passion of baseball to give back to Dominican communities by improving reading and keeping kids in school, empowering students with disabilities, and reducing levels of domestic violence and bullying. Total project budget is $500,000. Tasks carried out by J. Seibel include writing the winning proposal for the competitive bid, negotiation of agreement with USAID, and monthly services as principal consultant for management oversight and sustainability. Our goal is to make Baseball Cares an attractive and effective channel where Dominican big league players can support their hometown communities and schools with confidence. See more about this project at the Baseball Cares website.

Sports for Employment Skills

Entrena was selected by Partners of the Americas to coordinate its award winning A Ganar program in the DR from 2011 to 2015. A total of 780 youth received employment insertion skills incorporating life skills from sports through five NGOs implementing organization supervised by Entrena.