Community Empowerment and Institutional Strengthening

Working alongside communities to achieve sustainable growth and economic integration by increasing capacity of NGOs and government to deliver their services to those in need.

High levels of sustained economic growth in the Dominican Republic have not translated into equitable distribution of wealth. Entrena works with marginalized communities to incorporate them into the economic bonanza of tourism and other economic growth areas. We accomplish this by integrating these communities with world renown cruise lines, working alongside local NGOs, promoting corporate social responsibility programs, and training development volunteers who work in these communities.

Entrena has played a significant role in the strengthening of over 30 NGOs in the Dominican Republic who work in the poorest areas. Services include training in financial management, technical oversight, proposal presentations, quality control of interventions, evaluation, and long-term institutional sustainability planning. Additionally, we have created public-private alliances between the private sector, government, and civil society.

Our related projects:

Impact Travel

Entrena was selected by Carnival Cruises as one of their major in-country partners in the DR to provide impact travel activities in the areas of education, health, and culinary/culture to passengers of one their ships traveling exclusively to the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The designated travel brand Fathom Impact Travel carried out these activities for a total of 16 months and received the highest passenger ratings for shore excursions in the history of Carnival. Fathom has created the road map for other cruise lines to become socially responsible and foster the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the communities they visit.

PVO CoFinancing and Hurricane Georges Reconstruction Project

Financed by USAID under Contract No. 517-0247-C-00-1151-00, the PVO Co-Financing project focused on institutional strengthening of Dominican NGOs and improvement in the delivery of their services to marginalized sectors in the DR. Based on the success of the project, and in response to the severe damage caused by Hurricane Georges in 1998, the project was extended until 2002 to channel reconstruction programs through the NGOs. A total of 65 projects were supported involving over 80 NGOs. The role of Entrena was to manage the technical aspects of all sub-projects from the preparation of concept papers to field implementation oversight and evaluation. The financial management of the sub-grants was carried out by a third party. Total Entrena budget for the technical management was more than $4,500,000. This project is recognized in the DR as one of the most effective social investments in the consolidation of NGOs in the country.

Training and Services for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Since 1998, Entrena has provided institutional strengthening to over 30 international and Dominican NGOs. Examples are Save the Children, World Vision, Plan International and Children International as well as local NGOs such as Sur Futuro, CEPROSH, MOSCTHA and Caminante. A complete listing of NGOs receiving the services of Entrena can be found in the Clients section.